Since 1943 the KC 3 & 2 Baseball Club has been providing competitive youth baseball in Kansas City, Missouri.

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KC 3&2 Baseball Fees and Age Limits


Since 1943 - Providing competitive youth baseball in Kansas City, Missouri.
The 3 & 2 Baseball Club of Kansas City, Missouri has provided competitive youth baseball in Kansas City since 1943. Mr. George VanBecelaere had the foresight to acquire the land at Bannister and Blue River Roads in 1963 and designed and constructed the five beautiful diamonds being used today.  The program has instilled the “love of the game” for all youth that played and has touched the lives of over 59,000 youths and counting. 
Many of the players have played high school and college baseball and a select few have been drafted and have played major league baseball.  The program offers baseball for 6 year olds up to 18 year olds and supports the Kansas City Ban Johnson league for college age baseball.
How Teams Are Formed
Teams are formed based on age rather than grade in school (see the section "Eligibility of Players for 2018 Season" below). 

Players that are not currently part should select "Free Agency" during the registration process.  All efforts will be made to assign these players to a team or designate based on the needs of the teams in the league in conjunction with the player's desires. 
All teams must be sponsored and the team sponsors provide player uniforms and equipment.
Eligibility of Players for 2018 Season (as of May 1, 2018)
Age Group
Born on or After 
7U T-Ball 7 & Under May 1, 2010
7/8U Rookie League Machine Pitch
8 & Under
May 1, 2009
9U Midget C Junior 9 & Under May 1, 2008
10U Midget C
10 & Under
May 1, 2007
11/12U Midget B
12 & Under
May 1, 2005
13/14U Midget A 14 & Under May 1, 2003
15/16U Federal League (June 1 Start)
16 & Under
May 1, 2001


2018 Season Roster & Fee Information
Min. Roster
Max. Roster
2018 Player

2018 Raffle

2018 CC Fee
2018 Total
7U T-Ball 10 16 $95   $2.84 $97.84
8U Rookie Lge. M.P.
60 $7.62
9U Midget C Junior 9 15 $205 60 $7.92  $272.92
10U Midget C
60 $7.92 
12U Midget B
60 $8.22
14U Midget A 9 15 $225 60 $8.52  $293.52 
16U Federal Lge.
Kansas City 3&2 Baseball does not have an additional "Team Fee" associated with the fee structure
* Raffle Fundraiser of $60 also paid at the time of Player Registration for 8U-14U divisions

The rules and regulations of the 3&2 Baseball Club of Kansas City are supplemented by the latest edition of the American League Baseball Rules. These Rules and Regulations are to be supplemented by the Charter and By-Laws of the Club. The Board of Directors has the power to make decisions on any points not specifically covered in the Rules and Regulations.